A color as Greek as it gets.
Galazio: a Greek name for a bright shade of blue

Reality defines the language we speak, they say; and the words we use reflect a certain aspect of mentality. This is absolutely true for the color galazio. According to Greek dictionaries, it is the color of a cloudless, clean sky.

The fact that there is a special word for the color of the sky proves we have a special connection with the world around us. Indeed, galazio plays a vital role in how the world is perceived by the Greeks, as it is also the color of the sea that lovingly embraces this small, yet beautiful part of the world.

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In other words...

…galazio is a color as Greek as it gets. This perception of our land, this unique feeling and connection with everything we have been experiencing and loving since our childhood, is what we wish to pass on to you.

Make Greece a part of your soul.

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